Hillsborough Township Volunteer Fire Company #2

Hillsborough Township Fire Company #2 is always looking for new members to add to our dedicated team of volunteers. The Fire Company has developed several ways to allow residents with many different backgrounds to become involved in our organization.


Junior Firefighter:    Age 16-17 – Junior Firefighters will be provided basic fire service knowledge and training in order to prepare the member to become a probationary firefighter and enter into the fire academy following his/her 18th birthday. The responsibilities of a Junior Firefighter is to attend at least 6 monthly meetings, respond to the firehouse for fire calls, participate in monthly drills and assist firefighters on-scene but will not engage in fighting fire.


Active Firefighter:     Age 18+ – All members will begin a 6 month probationary period and be provided basic firefighting knowledge and training prior to entering the fire academy. Candidates who have already completed firefighter 1 will still be placed on probationary status and tested on his/her skills and knowledge of the fire service. The responsibilities of an active firefighter are to attend at least 6 monthly meetings, respond to fire calls, engage in fighting fires, participate in monthly drills and assist with weekly firehouse maintenance.


Associate Member:  Age 18+ – An associate member will be responsible for attending at least 6 monthly meetings, assist with administrative tasks and attend fundraisers held by the Fire Company or Ladies Auxiliary.


Ladies Auxiliary:      Age 18+ – Members of the Ladies Auxiliary are dedicated to providing assistance to the active members of the fire company. The Ladies Auxiliary is the backbone of the organization by assisting and hosting fundraising events to benefit the Fire Company. Members will also be requested to respond to large fires or extended incidents to provide refreshments to the firefighters.


Becoming a member of the Fire Company also has many benefits:

·         Length Of Service Awards Program (LOSAP) – Similar to a 401k plan. Currently the Township will contribute $1,200 per year to any member who maintains a passing participation percentage and attends a (free) yearly medical exam.

·         Yearly stipend for fire call assistance, not to exceed $599.

·         Life insurance benefits.

·         Local, state and national training opportunities.

·         Uniforms, firefighting turnout gear, personal protection equipment and training will be provided at no cost.

·         Enrollment in the Hillsborough Fire District Discount Program. The program offers special promotions and discounts to members at local businesses with proper proof of ID as a Hillsborough firefighter.

·         College Tuition Credit – Hillsborough Township is enrolled in the Volunteer Tuition Credit Program. The program provides financial assistance to members of the fire company in the amount of $600 per year with a maximum of $2,400.

·         Scholarships – The Fire Company does not provide scholarships to members. However, the Fire Company does have close partnerships with local organizations which provide scholarships to members who have demonstrated a dedication to serving the community.