Hillsborough Township Volunteer Fire Company #2

Health and Safety has become a huge factor on the day to day operations for today's fire service.  With the increasing risk of dangerous faced on a fire scene, along with the increased health risks calls for the members to always be aware of the dangers of being a firefighter.

In 2010, Chief Pat Buckley appointed Firefighter Jon Senchisen as the company's Safety Officer.  With Jon's extensive background with occupational health and safety, he has proven to be a valuable asset to the company. 

As we begin July, we begin the summer heat. As you may have read, this week will be hot and humid.  Please plan accordingly and distribute the message below to all responders and members.
For today, July 1, NOAA & OSHA have issued an alert for a MODERATE Risk Level for Heat Safety (Increased Risk for Heat Illness)
with a HEAT INDEX of 91.8 F (Temperature of 88.0°F and 52.0% Humidity) with a peak time of 2pm.
Please advise all responders to consume plenty of water, every 15 mins (Up to 4 cups per hour) and compliment water intake with the use of moderate Gatorade or other sports drinks. Seek shaded areas to avoid direct sunlight and find air conditioned rooms/cabs to escape the heat when needed.
Please look out for each other and report any responder or member that may have signs of heat related illnesses to your line officers and/or medical responders
-         Red, flush skin color and clusters of red bumps
-         Muscle spasms, pain in abdomen, arms or legs
-         Heavy to excessive sweating
-         Headache
-         Nausea / Vomiting
-         Dizziness / Light Headedness
-         Weakness
-         Irritability / Confusion