Hillsborough Township Volunteer Fire Company #2

National Telecommunicators Week

Tuesday, April 15, 2014  We would like to take this opportunity to thank and recognize the individuals that are not often seen but always heard.  The 911 telecommunicators of Somerset County Communications as well as Hillsborough Police work just as hard, if not harder, as the men and women they work with to keep safe.  Thank you for all you do day in and day out. 




Saturday, April 12, 2014  This week, Ex-Chief Pat Buckley and Firefighter/Paramedic Ryan Buckley traveled to Indianapolis, Indiana to attend the annual Fire Department Instructor's Conference. Both members attended multiple lectures on various aspects of the fire service. 



Coop Fire on Valley Rd.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014   At 1010 hrs on Wednesday April 26, Stations 37 and 36 were dispatched to the address across from 71 Valley Rd. in 37's primary for the reported fire in the backyard. Chief 37 (Paterno) arrived in minutes confirming a working chicken coop fire approx 20 feet from the dwelling. Due to the windy conditions today the assignment was upgraded to a district response. Deputy 37 (Bartolucci) held the fire in check with a can until Engine 372 arrived and deployed their bumper line for extinguishment. Command scaled back the assignment to just Engine 372 & Ladder 36, and after short overhaul all units cleared the scene by 1040 hrs.



1st Alarm Assignment - Box 3703

Saturday, March 22, 2014   On Saturday March 22nd at 2239 hrs, the Hillsborough Fire District was alerted to 205 Columbia Commons in Station 37's primary for the reported smoke in the building. District officers arrived within minutes to find confirmed smoke throughout a 2-story middle of the row townhouse. Command upgraded the assignment to a full first alarm, bringing in Station 28 (Millstone Valley) for the FAST team and putting covers into empty Hillsborough stations. Crews stretched multiple dry lines and laddered the exposures, finding some smoke in the adjoining attic areas.Station 42 (Manville) was requested to the scene for manpower due to the amount of exposure units that needed to be checked for the source. After a thorough investigation crews traced the source of the smoke back to a furnace in the original residence. The smoke was ventilated and all crews were clear of the scene by 2355 hrs. Chief 37 (Paterno) had the command, Deputy 37 (Bartolucci) had operations, Asst. 37 (Shaffer) had manpower and Chief 36 (Folsch) had the interior.



2nd Alarm on Box 3703

Saturday, March 15, 2014  On Saturday March 15th at approx 1750 hrs the Hillsborough Fire District was alerted to a working structure fire at 488 Auten Rd. in 37's primary. Station 37 units, just clearing a call on New Amwell Rd, responded within seconds. Chief 37 (Paterno) arrived with smoke showing from the roof of a middle-of-the-row 2-story townhouse and soon thereafter requested the 2nd alarm as conditions worsened. Heavy fire was found in the attic area of unit 3C, but thanks to an aggressive attack by all fire crews on-scene, damage was limited to just a few units in the one townhouse building. Fire was knocked down by 1805 hrs and marked under control by 1830 hrs. The cause of the fire is currently under investigation by the Hillsborough Township Bureau of Fire Safety. Asst. 38 (Kazar) had operations, Asst. 37 (Shaffer) had manpower, Deputy 37 (Bartolucci) had the interior and Capt. 36 (Dizzy) had the roof division. Units on the assignment: 37 (Hillsborough #2), 36 (Hillsborough #1), 38 (Hillsborough #3), 48 (Neshanic), 28/26 RIT Strike Team (Millstone Valley & Elizabeth Ave), 42 ( Manville), 45 (Montgomery), 30 (Finderne), 79 EMS (Hillsborough) and Hillsborough OEM.



Working Fire on Box 3702

Thursday, February 27, 2014  At 1816 hrs on Thursday February 27th, the Hillsborough Fire District was alerted to 1248 Millstone River Rd. in 37's primary for a working shed fire behind a house. 37-C1 (Chief Paterno) arrived with heavy smoke showing from a large shed approx 120' from the house. Brush 37-2 arrived first and took the neighboring driveway, stretching it's booster line over the fence and into the yard for initial suppression, while the crew from Engine 37-2 positioned themselves in the roadway and sent their crew to assist. Tanker 38 arrived and took the other neighboring driveway, stretching a 1.75" line to the rear of the house to assist with suppression. Additional crews from all district stations assisted with suppression, overhaul and checking of the neighboring houses for extension due to significant ember problem from the high winds. The fire was knocked within 20 mins and crews remained on-scene for another 40 mins completing overhaul. All units cleared the scene by 1915 hrs.



1993 WTC bombing- We Remember

Wednesday, February 26, 2014  21 years ago today, 6 terrorists made their first attempt to take down the Twin Towers in New York.  A yellow box truck was parked in the parking deck below 2 World Trade Center and a 1/2 ton of bombs exploded causing a crater 100 feet deep and 200 feet wide.  6 people lost their lives and 1,000 more were injured.  Thankfully, the buildings stood tall, the only damage caused was the loss of power and damage to the PATH station underneath the parking deck. 

We remember those that lost their lives today and those that were injured during this first terrorist attack on United States soil. 



Congratulations to new commissioner Bruce Vatter

Saturday, February 15, 2014  Congratulations to ex-chief Bruce Vatter on his victory in the 2014 Hillsborough Fire District election! Also, thank you to the residents of Hillsborough Township for braving the elements today and coming out to vote in this year's election. The results of the election are as follows:

Vatter - 175
Carone - 118
2014 Fire District Budget - 251 Yes, 47 No

A sincere thank you as well to outgoing commissioner Dr. Ron Berju for his many years of dedication and service as a district commisioner.



Overturned MVC with multiple patients

Friday, February 14, 2014  At 1905 hours, Station 37 was requested to respond with Station 79 EMS for a motor vehicle accident with reports of an overturned vehicle, multiple patients entrapped. Engine 37 arrived and stretched a precautionary suppression line along with providing light for the rescue scene. Medevac request was made by MICU 682 on scene and Station 38 was dispatched to handle the landing zone which was located at the nearby Hillsborough High School. Brush 36-2 was also requested to the scene for assistance. Units remained on scene to assist Hillsborough PD and County Investigators with lights. The accident is currently under investigation by Hillsborough PD and Somerset County Prosecutor's Office.



Mutual Aid on box 48-03, 2nd Alarm

Friday, February 14, 2014  While members were standing by for the Winter Snow storm, Station 48 was dispatched to Camp Dewitt for an activated fire alarm.  Within minutes, District tones alerted companies for an upgraded structure fire.  MP37 and Engine 37 signed on with full crews.  Command had a working fire in a 2 story large commercial structure which is located on a Girl Scout camp reservation with major access problem due to snow, ice and mud on the access driveway.  The Tanker task force was requested and Engine 37 positioned itself for water shuttle operations at Amwell Road and Blackpoint Road.  Tankers were sent in one by one to feed Ladder 36 and hand lines that were in operation.  Units were on scene for approximately 3 hours.  The scene is under investigation by the Fire Safety Office.

Units on scene included Car 48 (Command) Deputy 36 (Operations) Car 36 (Staging) Car 37 (Water) MP 37, Engine 37, Ladder 36, Tender 36, Brush 36, Brush 362, Ladder 38, Tender 38, Chief and DC 38, MP 48, Tender 48, Tender 45 (Mont. #1) Tender 32 (Readington) Tender 52 (Hopewell) Tender 51 (Pennington), Station 21 (Raritan Twp, Hunt. Cty) as the FAST and special services, Hillsborough EMS and Hillsborough PD as well.  Station 24 (Country Hills) was on standby at Station 36 and Station 42 (Manville) provided and engine company to stand by in our quarters.  Hillsborough DPW provided tremendous support for helping plow and salting the roads.



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