Hillsborough Township Volunteer Fire Company #2

Unit : Tower Ladder 37

Year : 1994

Model : Simon/LTI

Tower 37 is the only platform ladder in Hillsborough Twp. The Tower often responds on mutual aid requests to neighboring communities. It has a 100-foot tower ladder with two monitors mounted on the bucket but does not carry any water. The truck seats six firefighters.

  • Ventilation Equipment
  • Power Saws
  • Thermal Imaging Camera
  • Multi-Gas Detector
  • Cutting Torch
  • Full compliment of Ground Ladders
  • Full compliment of Forcible Entry Tools
  • Rope Rescue Equipment
  • Wireless Intercom Headset System
  • On-board Air System for Bucket operations
  • County MDT-capable laptop w/Pre-Plan software